6 Tips To Safeguard Your Dog’s Health During The Summer

The arrival of summer means that you and your dog can spend more time outdoors. It also means that your pet is at a greater risk of suffering heat-related illnesses. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect your dog's health. Here are just a few ways you can guarantee your dog will stay well this summer.  

  1. Check the weather. Before heading outdoors with your dog, check out the humidity levels. When your dog pants, moisture is evaporated from its lungs. The high humidity could make it challenging for your dog to cool itself. If the humidity levels are high, stay indoors.  

  2. Apply a pet sunblock. Just as too much exposure to the sun can lead to the development of skin cancer in humans, it can do the same in dogs. When you and your dog are outside, you need to reapply sunblock every three to four hours to any areas that are not covered by fur. 

  3. Keep your dog off the sidewalk. Pavement can not only burn your dog's paws, but it can also cause its temperature to skyrocket. Once that happens, your dog is in danger of suffering a heat stroke or other related condition.  

  4. Buy your dog a pool. If your dog does not have an aversion to water, try using a kiddie pool to keep it cool. The pool will be a hit with your dog, and you can be sure the dog's temperatures are staying down.  

  5. Give your dog cool treats. In addition to ensuring your dog is getting enough water, you can also feed it cool treats to help keep its body temperature down. You can find the treats at your pet supply store or make them yourself.  

  6. Know the signs of illness. Despite your best efforts to keep your dog safe, there is a small possibility that it will suffer from a heat-related illness. If you notice your dog is having trouble breathing, is excessively thirsty, or is having trouble with its coordination, take your dog to an animal hospital immediately. Even if your dog is not exhibiting these symptoms, but you are still concerned, contact the hospital.

Talk to your dog's veterinarian about other ways you can keep it safe during the summer. You also need to ensure your dog has been thoroughly examined by the vet before kicking off your summer so that your dog's health can start on the right note.