Preparing A Dog For A Boarding Facility Stay

If you recently got word you are needed in an area out of town for a family matter and you have a dog as a pet, you are undoubtedly concerned about who you will get to care for them in your absence. If you are unable to find a trusted friend or relative to tend to your animal, taking them to a pet boarding service is an option you have available. Here are a few steps you can take in advance of your departure to help make the transition easier for your dog when you go away

Bring The Dog To The Facility Before Staying

Call a boarding facility and ask them if you can come take a visit with your dog. A walk through of the property and the quarters your dog will be staying in will help in familiarizing them with the area while you are present to keep them calm. Make sure you make the experience a happy one for your dog by playing with them outdoors and with the addition of treats you bring along for the tour. Your pet will feel less anxious about being in the facility later on if they have had a positive prior experience during the touring process.

Take A Walk With Others With Dogs

Bring your pet to a dog park to socialize with other animals.This is a great way for your dog to be experience in being around dogs of all sizes and they will get some exercise as well. If you have a neighbor who also has a dog, ask them if they would mind going for a walk with you and your dog. The more dogs your own pet gets to meet, the easier it will be for them to be around other dogs at the boarding facility when you leave for your trip.

Bring Comforts From Home

Take special note of the treats your dog enjoys the most as well as the toys it plays with frequently. These can be brought to the boarding facility to be given to the staff members to give to your dog at times it appears to be withdrawn or anxious. Make sure to bring a dog bed, pillow, or blanket from home that your pet enjoys sleeping upon. This will give them a comfortable spot to retreat and it will make them feel safe as it will remind them of home.

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