Veterinary Technology Is Advancing Rapidly

5 Reasons You May Need Emergency Care For Your Pet

If you have a beloved pet in your life, you're sure to want to take good care of it. This can be a challenge to do at all times and even more so if your pet has a medical concern. There may be times when you may need to make an emergency visit to the vet, and knowing when these may be can be helpful to you. Reason #1: Rapid breathing Read More 

Understanding A Dog’s Urinary Tract Infection

A lower urinary tract infection can lead to several problems for your dog, including incontinence. The painful condition can result in your dog having daily problems. If you suspect your dog has a urinary tract infection, here is what you need to know. What Are the Symptoms? As the urinary tract infection worsens, your dog will show a range of symptoms, including an inability to urinate. If your dog can urinate, the amount could be smaller than usual. Read More 

Two Reasons To Make Certain That Your Dog Gets Vaccinated

One of the most important things that any responsible pet owner should do is get their dog vaccinated, mostly because the vaccinations can help prevent a wide range of different health issues that could potentially be fatal. Listed below are two reasons to make certain that your dog gets vaccinated. Wild Animals Can Get Into Your Yard One of the biggest reasons to make sure that your dog gets vaccinated is the fact that you can't always control your dog's exposure to wild animals or other dogs. Read More 

Iguanas Make Great Pets

An iguana is a smart creature with acute eyesight that can become a friendly pet. Depending on its history and background, a new pet iguana can be calm and peaceful or frightened and aggressive. Take your time with your new iguana and allow it to get used to you and its new surroundings. Here are some things you can do to feed and care for your new pet iguana:  Physical Examination:  As soon as you get a new pet iguana, take it to a reptile veterinarian. Read More 

4 Tips for Adopting an Adult Shelter Dog

Adopting an adult dog from a shelter is a great choice because you are providing a deserving dog with a loving home while also getting to skip the tricky and sleep-disrupting puppy stage. While adopting a dog brings a lot of joy to the lives of you, your family, and your new pooch, it is also a huge responsibility that requires planning. Here are four tips for adopting an adult shelter dog: Read More