See A Vet If Your Dog Has Suddenly Begun To Snore

Some dog breeds are known for snoring heavily. These dogs often have faces that are somewhat pushed in, and while the snoring may occasionally be disruptive to you, it's not necessarily something to worry about. What can be a concern, however, is when you have a dog that has begun to snore regularly after rarely snoring in the past. This should cause you to see a local veterinarian, as it may be a warning sign of a problem for your pet. Read More 

Reasons That Your Veterinarian May Elect To Remove Your Dog’s Lipoma

Dogs can develop lipomas on their bodies at any stage of life, but this growth can particularly be common as a dog gets older. A lipoma is a mass of fat that can appear in many different areas of the animal's body. The most important thing for a dog owner to know is that a lipoma is not related to cancer, which means that it's not particularly a concern. If you detect what you suspect to be a lipoma on your dog, however, you should see your veterinarian. Read More 

A Short Introduction To Animal Hospitals

If you are a new pet owner, you should learn about an animal hospital. This way, you know when you should be taking your pet in and what it is you can expect. Here is a short guide on animal hospital basics for new pet owners:  What an animal hospital is For people, a doctor's office is where they go for routine medical care and a hospital is where they go for emergencies. Read More