All About Caring For Your New Pup

If you have just brought home a new puppy for you and your family to love, then it's extremely important for you to do all you can to keep it healthy, happy, and well behaved. If this is your first puppy or even if it's been a long time since your last dog, then you may need some information on taking care of them. This article will serve as a checklist you can use to make sure you have everything covered. Read More 

Reasons To Take A Trip To The Veterinarian

It can be very hard to know when to take your dog to an veterinarian. Dogs are very tough animals and are known to be able to endure a lot of different ailments. However, dogs do need great medical care when it comes time to take them to the veterinarian. It can just be hard to know when to take your dog to the vet. Here are a few of the most common times that you should take your dog to the veterinarian. Read More 

Worried About Your Outdoor Cat This Winter? 3 Ways to Get Your Cat Prepared

Living somewhere that you feel comfortable letting your cats explore outside can come with some challenges when the weather begins to get colder in the winter. If you've decided not to bring your cats in full-time due to their desire to be outside, it's a smart idea to look into what kinds of things you can do to make them more comfortable and safe. Visiting a veterinarian for the following services can all help ensure that your cat is safe when outdoors. Read More 

Three Ways You Can Help Your Stiff Dog Feel Better

If your dog is suffering from stiffness, the you have probably noticed them walking a bit slowly, and hesitant to jump off the couch. If you've already ruled out a serious issue such as bone cancer or severe arthritis after visiting a vet, then you're dealing with a dog that just has stiff joints or muscles. However, just because the issue is not as severe as cancer, it doesn't mean that you should let your dog suffer. Read More 

Sarcoptic Mange: What All Dog Owners Need To Know

As a dog owner, you may think of mange as a problem isolated to stray or improperly-cared-for dogs. Surely your beloved pooch would never come down with this condition, right? Well, not necessarily. A type of mange known as sarcoptic mange is highly contagious and can infect even properly-cared-for dogs. Here's what you need to know. What symptoms does sarcoptic mange cause? Sarcoptic mange causes a dog's skin to become incredibly itchy. Read More