Preparing A Dog For A Boarding Facility Stay

If you recently got word you are needed in an area out of town for a family matter and you have a dog as a pet, you are undoubtedly concerned about who you will get to care for them in your absence. If you are unable to find a trusted friend or relative to tend to your animal, taking them to a pet boarding service is an option you have available. Read More 

6 Tips To Safeguard Your Dog’s Health During The Summer

The arrival of summer means that you and your dog can spend more time outdoors. It also means that your pet is at a greater risk of suffering heat-related illnesses. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect your dog's health. Here are just a few ways you can guarantee your dog will stay well this summer.   Check the weather. Before heading outdoors with your dog, check out the humidity levels. Read More 

Protect Those Nine Lives: 4 Steps To Take If Your Cat Has Been Injured

If your cat spends time outside, it could suffer from a variety of injuries, including those caused by animal attacks or automobile accidents. Being prepared in advance will help you provide immediate attention for those injuries. Here are four steps you'll need to take if your cat suffers from injuries while outside. Calm Your Cat The first thing you'll need to do is calm your cat. It may be panicked, or in shock, which means it might not want to hold still for you. Read More 

Does Your Dog Have Dragon-Breath? Tips To Take Care Of Your Canine’s Dental Health

If you feel like something is wrong with your pet, could it be their teeth? Dogs suffer from periodontal disease and decay, just like humans. The best way to prevent the discomfort and costs of dental procedures is to take care of your dog's teeth and visit your vet regularly, and to utilize professional equipment to clean your pet's teeth during visits. Some things that you need to know about keeping your dog's teeth healthy include: Read More 

Time For A Road Trip? 3 Tips To Calm Your Dog’s Stomach During The Drive

Summer vacation often means road trips. If you have a dog, and they're going to travel with you, it's time to prepare for car sickness. This is particularly true if you've never taken road trips with your dog before. The motion of the car, along with the warmer temperatures, can bring on serious bouts of canine car sickness. That doesn't mean you need to leave your dog home. All you need to do is take some special precautions. Read More